A fourth generation artisan, Tammy's sense of style comes naturally to her, thus enabling her to incorporate the unique beauty of the symbols that represent the Indigenous, Native, Aboriginal People's way of life.

Tammy Beauvais is a Native American/Aboriginal/Autochtone fashion design company producing contemporary native made clothing carrying all Native Symbolism. Each Native-made Tammy Beauvais Designs' piece carries with it the culture, heritage and strength to the Native Aboriginal people. All of Tammy Beauvais Designs' are authentically Native/Aboriginal designed and produced. Tammy's goal is to increase worldwide awareness of native aboriginal heritage and to also create more employment opportunities for members of her community.

Robert DeNiro owns one of Tammy's satin Tree of Peace Native Design Vest. Eric Roberts owns a Tammy Beauvais Designs Cashmere Wool Native Design Scarf. The Late Pope John Paul II owned a satin Katri Tekakwitha Native Design Scarf. Aline Chretien and all the First Ladies of North, South, and Central America own a famous Sky Women Cape. Lorne Cardinal owns a Native Design Friendship Belt Barn Jacket, belt going from sleeve to sleeve. Waneek Horn Miller owns and inspires "one of a kind" pieces of Tammy Beauvias Designs Clothing.

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A Native Woman Owned & Socially Responsible Company Since 1999